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Some of our favourite ingredients

Hibiscus Tea

We brew our teas in-house so we get to know them very well! Fresh hibiscus tea has a fruity aroma of fresh berries and is packed with anthocyanins.


Fresh and raw organic turmeric has a different taste and research suggests it is more beneficial than isolated curcumin and turmeric powders.

Ontario strawberries

There's nothing like a fresh organic Ontario strawberry, we source these when in season.


We love this cocoa, it is Fair Trade, organic and milled to perfection to create a perfectly velvety pop.

Wild blueberries

Taste the difference of wild blueberries, packed with 3x the antioxidants of cultivated varieties.

Coconut milk

We found a coconut milk that we love, smooth and creamy but still lets the other flavours come through. Packed with MCTs.

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