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Are Everreal products organic? 

Yes, Real Pops are certified organic, Real Sips are 97% organic and Real Freezies are 100% organic. The only times that we use non-organic ingredients are when the organic version is not available - even then, we must have a very good reason for using the non-organic ingredient. 

How do I store Real Sips and Freezies? 

Real Sips and Freezies need to be stored at frozen temperatures in the freezer. Please put them in your freezer as soon as they arrive. 

Are the shipping containers environmentally friendly?

Our shipping containers are 100% recyclable. It will arrive in a cardboard box with a recycled PET insulation insert that you can put in your recycling bin or reuse. It will also arrive with freezer packs, feel free to reuse them at home or they can be drained into your sink.

How long can Real Sips be defrosted for?

Real Sips can be defrosted and held at room temperature for up to 6 hours. Feel free to take a Sip to work or pack one in a lunchbox!

Do Real Sips contain added sugar?

Real Sips contain no added sugar. They are sweetened with Monk Fruit juice concentrate which is a natural zero sugar and zero calorie sweetener made from the gourd, Lo Han Guo. Monk Fruit is getting more attention for its mogrosides, antioxidants that potentially have anti-inflammatory properties. 

How long are your shipping times?

We ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays and our shipping time is always 1-2 days. Order before Saturday at 5pm if you would like your order to arrive the following week. 

Why is the minimum for free shipping $49? 

We make a big effort to keep our products affordable while still using top quality fresh, and organic ingredients. Shipping is pricey with the quick turnaround times we need to keep your products fresh. We think you'll find 40 Real Sips will go in a flash and is a perfect number for a monthly subscription. 

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