Real Sips - keto, antioxidant-rich beverages

Real Sips - new antioxidant-rich beverages

 Say hello to a new type of hydration with no compromises - all natural, no sugar and an NPN licensed Source of Antioxidants.

Sip Sticks take your everyday, ho-hum drink of water, give it a friendly wake-up call, and infuse it with delicious and natural, real-antioxidant goodness. Just dilute in a glass or water bottle for healthier, happier hydration. 

Real Sips are made with juices and teas that are freshly pressed and brewed in house and are immediately flash frozen to preserve the important antioxidants and nutrients of our fresh ingredients.   We add a touch of Monk Fruit to naturally sweeten your beverage without the sugar or calories. 

Real Sips are a Source of Antioxidants and as a licensed Natural Health Product all necessary testing has been done to verify these claims. 

How to make Real Sips

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